Screen Printing

We have the capabilities of printing up to 6 colors on one side of a garment.

Screen Printing is the process of pushing ink through a screen onto a garment.

There are several advantages of screen printing over other methods. This is especially true when printing custom designs and lettering to garments. Here are just a few:

Durability - Because of the thickness and chemistry of the inks used. During the screen printing process colors stay lively year after year, and the garment can withstand many hundreds of washings without loss of quality.

Eye-catching - There is simply no other method that creates greater vibrancy than screen printing. The direct-to-garment printing uses a mix of color dots (generally known as the CMYK process) to simulate a large array of other colors. While this method is unmatched in the world of photo printing it pales in comparison with traditional screen printing.

Large production capacity - Once the screens are created for each color used in the printing process, large runs of almost any quantity can be produced with consistent detail and sharpness.

We are confident you will find that the decades long, tried-and-true, screen printing production process employed by United Sports Apparel rivals or surpasses the best quality of any screen printing facility, anywhere in the world.

  Pricing is affected by the number of garments, the number of print colors and the garment type.
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